fredag 15. august 2014

Looong holiday, a bit creative

Been a long time since I updated my blog. Very hectic before the holiday, and with the kids home, I have been travelling and spending time with them. I am also working on a store, for the Norwegian marked. Just to pay for more material. I got tired og takling apart jewerely just to make something new. Aften all I do spend a lot of time into it and also I love the result. 
Hopefully I will break even. The site is in Norwegian, but you can find it here: Not quit finished with it, a couple of bugs to fix and also more product to add. If you feel like it, feel free to send me a comment.

Here is my newest creation. I had lost of fun with this, brown leather and brownish, glass beads. Lovely combination in my eyes!

First idea, just beads and the spoon glass pendant. A bit blurry picture, but hopefully you get an idee. I felt this idea was missing something. So I added a bit of leather. 

This I liked. So I used this as a starting point and ended up with:

And the chain is made up of connecting sections of four beads and leather. 

Earrings included. Maybe I will be thinking about making a bracelet.