lørdag 31. oktober 2015

Black/white quarts tourmaline necklace and earrings

I love the finer beads, like these which are semi-precious. However, they are expensive to buy and also I do find that in many instances they have surprisingly small holes which limits the type of thread one can use. 

This necklace and the earrings was part of batch I bought where they were suggested used simply by size. However, I felt that I wanted to do something a bit more. The holes were too small to really get a good threads into them and that did limit my ideas a bit. 

So I tried several different ways to get these to flow better, when I hit upon this design. here I have simply put one of the smallest beads inbetween the larger beads. I really liked the finished expression. 
Only issue, again, is how to get an image to really show the amazing colors of the beads. I am getting better I believe, but still, it is difficult. 
As I have leg that will not heal properly, it is not easy to enrol into a photography class either. So I just have to muddle through on my own. 

At least I am very happy with the design "in the flesh" so to speak! 

mandag 5. oktober 2015

I love autumn!

I love the autumn colors. I am not really fan of yellow as such, but when it is mixed with the orange and the red as leaves on the tree.....I absolutely love them.

I have a fairly large, leafy tree outside my living room window. I have no idea what the tree is called, my husband is the garden enthusiast here in the house. However the colors are special.

I will use this as an inspiration. Can't copy mother nature, but one can be inspired!

Hope you all have an excellent day today!