lørdag 22. mars 2014

Messy, messy job

The time had come for me to try and make a mould out of the masks that I had previously applied liquid plastic on. I thought this would be fairly easy, but nooooo. An incredibly curious dog and a little girls that absolutely wanted to participated made the job a lot more of a mess that it needed be.

 Here I have all the supplies ready. It was a bit of a struggle to try and find a bowl that was big enough to submerge the mask. You can see one mask is already in, and the other is waiting on the side.

Here I have both in, finally. I think I spilled the plaster at least 10 times, just a bit mind you, trying to keep track of the dog and the little girl who wanted to see what mommy was doing.  The dog managed to get a plaster in her fur so I had to clean that, and then my little girl "helped" me by pouring the plaster in the bowl.......

Then came the tricky part. I had to make sure that the shapes didn't get stuck to bad in the plaster. Here is a picture of me using a spoon to gently break the almost dry plaster off the mask.

Here you can see the mask is free, but I left it in the plaster to make sure that the plaster got the right shape. 

 Here is the mask free of the mould.

Here is the mould by itself. The plan is to pour liquid plastic into the mould and then be able to make masks for the children that they can paint and have fun with.

 Here is the  mould and the plastic mask

I am rather proud of this as I have never done anything like this before. I now know a lot more, so I hope the next similar project will be easier. I am looking forward to trying to make plastic masks soon, but I will wait to make sure that the plaster is completely dry and also paint it to try and make sure that the plastic coating doesn't stick to hard to the plaster surface.