søndag 4. januar 2015

A green and blue day....

Luckily the title does not reflect on my mood, only my color choice. I was torn between wanting to make something in green and make something in blue. I couldn't combine the two, or rather, I could, but I didn't like the result. Perhaps I was in a bit of a blue mood?
Anyway, I decided first to use a glass heart pendant as the centrepiece and then I used a suede, green thread to form the basis of the necklace. The two materials together was a very nice touch. In addition I placed several white glass beads at the end fo the thread, making a focused ending.

Then I turned to the color blue and made a small, but sweet bracelet. This was in sky-blue, small beads sett with an elastic cord. Thus it can stretch as the wearer needs it to, but it will also sitt tight against the wrist if one wants.

You can find this and other things I make on my blog/webstore http://www.designbyconstance.no