søndag 12. januar 2014

Flowers and leafs

I am getting better, I believe, in just shutting of the brain a bit, and letting the material speak for itself. Sometimes it works, other times, not so much. But it is fun to just start placing different materials on my desk and then playing around with it.

I do like symmetry, I may even go so far as to say that I am fairly addicted to symmetry. When something is not symmetric it can be exceptionally beautiful or it an just be a mess. At the moment, I feel that all my efforts with non-symetric designs have fallen into the "mess" category. That is not to say that I need everything to be exactly symmetrical, but if I have one center pendant, then I feel I need an equal number of decoration on both sides. However, the decorations may be different from each other.

In this necklace, I simply had fun with placing the different pieces together. In the end, it is very symmetrical, but I feel that in nature there is usually a form of symmetry. Thus it fit.

The beads are on a wire so the necklace is rather stiff. I am thinking about using a thread instead. I'll see what I think about it in a couple of days. Letting it settle a bit more.