søndag 19. januar 2014

Earings with blue and white beads

I was just playing around with some colors and also thinking about making some earings. I love earings, but I can not seem to get it right. Well, here is yet another try.

I love large earings myself, so I thought I would make use of this silver colored earingbase and add some pearls. So I started making hoops with white beads. 

I felt it was a bit pale with only white, so I added blue colored beads. The beads were not uniform, not in size nor in color. So there are some differences in the color, but in my opinion that can be very wonderfull with a bit of differences in the shades.

A bit of color....

Finished with one.

Here are the pair finished, but I do feel that something is missing. So I added a bit:

I don't know if this was a good choice, but I will leave it for now. The good thing with this type of work is that I can always take it apart again, and use the parts to something else.