torsdag 9. januar 2014

Painting on glass

I am experimenting a bit with painting on glass. It is fun as the colours blend differently than if you are doing it on paper. In addition I can use old jam jars and make them attractive again instead of just throwing them away. Here I have tried to keep to the same colour scheme, green with purple (I do love purple) and just changing the shape of the flowers a bit. However, I am not trying for any particular flower, I am just having fun with different shapes.

My husband wanted to make apple cider this summer, we have several large apple trees in the garden. So I bought a couple of bottles for this purpose. However, it didn't quite work out as planned, although we did learn a lot. So I have decided to just have a bit of fun with the bottles. Here I have experimented a bit with just shapes. The blue is sort of the ocean or water. I am not terribly happy with it. I do want to  do something more with this.

It is perhaps a bit difficult to see in a picture. But I have mixed two different blues. I think I will have to do something more here, perhaps add some other colours? I don't really know.

Here I have tried to give an impression of growing vines. I am going to add a bit more green and perhaps some more details, but overall I am very happy with this result.