søndag 2. februar 2014

Bracelets for boys

I have three boys and one girl. It is always simple to make something for the girl as she sort of loves everything.
The boys are a bit jealous of this, as they also want me to spend time making something for them. Of course they do not know what they want, but something. They are 8, 10 and 12 years old, so it can be a  bit of a challenge.
However, now I tried to make some bracelets that were more geared towards boys than girls, however, they can be used by both as I discovered when my girl wanted them also.
The boys haven't worn them yet, but they did approve.

It brown leather, macrame and then a silver figure of a tiger is attached. I have attached the figure two places so it will not move. 

Here I have used a silver, thick thread. It was not very easy to use and I am not that happy with it, but it was ok. The silver figure is a dragon. This was also attached two places so it will not move around.

 Here I have used several rings, in bright silver and in bronze. I attached a dragon to one of the rings so it will not swing freely.

 On this I used silver ringers and I attached the tiger between two of the rings. The problem is that neither the tiger or the dragon has to attachment points. Thus I had to improvise, it worked after a bit of trial and error.