søndag 16. februar 2014

From chaotic to order or not….

I am slowly learning to not become too attached to a design as it often ends up differently than what I originally thought. Case in point, the making of this green/grey/reddish necklace.

The basis of the necklace was the square pendant and then I wanted to pick up the green colour and use that in beads that formed part of the necklace. So I got a couple of green square beads with a touch of pink and gold. However, I didn't like the look of those beads with the other beads I have. So I wanted just those two styles, however the hole in the green squares were too narrow. So I could not get the grey thread into it. So I had to think again.

I could not get a grip on the beads with the thin thread. So I decided to add some metallic separators and then hang the square beads from that. I must admit, this was very, very far from what I originally had planned, but I liked it.

Here is the finished necklace: